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Rape Crisis Hotline: (909) 626-HELP(4357) Child Abuse Hotline: (626) 966-4155info@ProjectSister.org

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Crisis Intervention

Hotline volunteers provide information about reporting an assault and give referrals to other available services in the community. Volunteer Advocates are available to provide support and follow up services to sexual assault or abused survivors at the hospital, police station and court appearances.

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Counseling Services

Therapists provide professional counseling to survivors and their non-offending family members at any point after a sexual assault or child abuse event. Many of our counseling clients are coping with sexual assault or abuse in childhood, but went untreated.

The support of peers can play an important role in the healing process, so specialized support groups for adults and adolescents are offered. Groups are also available for non-offending family members of sexual assault and abuse survivors.

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