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Rape Crisis Hotline: (909) 626-HELP(4357) Child Abuse Hotline: (626) 966-4155info@ProjectSister.org

Crisis Intervention Services

Crisis services are offered to women, men and children of all ages who have been sexually assaulted and to their non-offending family members. Please keep in mind that sexual assault or rape is any unwanted sexual activity. Unwanted or forced sexual activity is sexual activity to which you did not consent. Consent means that you are at least 18 years old and that you said “YES!” and joyfully participated in sexual activity – Consent does not mean that you didn’t say “NO”.

Project Sister Family Services offers the following services:

24-Hour Hotline

If you are a victim of sexual assault or child abuse (including sexual, physical, emotional, neglect, witness to a violent crime, or experiencing physical or cyber bullying at school), then please call one of our 24-hour hotlines.

Rape Crisis Hotline: (909) 626-HELP (4357)
Child Abuse Hotline: (626) 966 – 4155

If you are interested in becoming a hotline volunteer then please click here.

Accompaniment Program

Our volunteer Sexual Assault Advocates are available to provide face-to-face, personal support in a variety of circumstances. It is your legal right to request a Sexual Assault Counselor to accompany you to any of the following:

– Forensic Medical Exams
– Abbreviated forensic medical exams, also known as a VAWA exam
– Investigative interview by law enforcement
– Interviews by a District Attorney
– Court appearances

Please understand that forensic medical exams are essential to collect evidence that will hold up in a criminal proceeding. You are not required to file a police report in order to receive a forensic medical exam. If you are unsure that you want to file a police report, then you may request a VAWA exam and the evidence collected will be kept confidential until you decide to use it. Call one of our hotlines for more information.

Rape Crisis Hotline: (909) 626-HELP (4357)
Child Abuse Hotline: (626) 966 – 4155

Counseling Program

Therapists, including masters and doctorate interns, provide professional counseling to women and men, ages 0 to 99, who are survivors of sexual assault and child abuse. All services are free.

Sexual assault survivors and their non-offending family members are eligible for individual, family, couples or group counseling.

Children under age 18 who have experienced child abuse other than sexual assault are also eligible for counseling services. This includes abuse such as physical, emotional, neglect, school bullying and witness to violent crimes like domestic violence and murder. Please call our office for more information, 909-623-1619, or 626-915-2535.


Support Groups

The support of peers can play an important role in the healing process, so specialized support groups for adults and adolescents are offered. Support groups are also offered for non-offending family members of sexual assault and abuse survivors. Availability of support groups is dependent on community needs. Please call our office for more information, 909-623-1619, or 626-915-2535.

Walk-In Clinic

Project Sister Family Services (PSFS) has been providing counseling to victims of sexual assault for many years. The need for this service is so great that we usually have a long waiting list. In order to be more responsive to community needs, we have established walk-in hours in an attempt to provide immediate support for sexual assault survivors.

This walk-in clinic is meant to provide support, information and referrals. Individuals will be seen on a first come, first serve basis. Those who require longer term services may be referred to our counseling program. Please visit our website or call our office for additional information.

Clinic days and hours are as follows:

Mondays through Thursday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

(except holidays)

Please feel free to walk in for information, referral and emergencies that are not life threatening.

For life threatening emergencies please call 9-1-1