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Outreach Services

Education and prevention programs are designed to teach the community about the nature of sexual assault. We dispel common myths related to sexual assault and discuss realities such as self-protection and reporting all in an effort to help individuals reduce their risk of falling victim to sexual violence. Our outreach programs can be scheduled by calling the office and asking for the Outreach Services Department, 909-623-1619, 626-915-2535 or 562-789-6000.

Below is a list of the many community outreach programs we provide.:


Defines bullying and the different forms. Discusses effects of bullying and how to protect against and stop bullying by reporting to an adult.
* Parent/Adult version of this program discusses types and forms of bullying, teaches warning signs and effects of children that are being bullied or are bullies.

Target Audience: Grades 1-5; Adults                    Length: 60-90 minutes

Child Abuse Awareness & Mandated Reporting:

Explains legal definitions of child abuse, signs and symptoms. Gives information on how to recognize the signs of abuse and the impact of abuse on child/teen survivors. Detailed explanation of mandated reporting guidelines.
*Can be shortened to cover Child Abuse ONLY

Target Audience: Grades 9-College, adults, & mandated reporters    Length: 60-90 minutes

Good Touch Bad Touch:

Teaches preschool aged children about different types of touches from people and how to disclose to an adult or caretaker if ever put in a situation involving inappropriate attention/touching from others.
* Parent/adult version teaches parents about how to discuss subject matter with their children and respond if a child discloses a situation.

Target Audience: Preschool-aged children; Adults            Length: 60 to 90 minutes

Healthy Relationships:

Defines and explains the characteristics of abusive, unhealthy, and healthy relationships. Focuses on the importance of creating boundaries in order to maintain a satisfying and healthy relationship.
* Parent/adult version teaches adults how to identify and address issues related to dating violence and boundaries with adolescence.

Target Audience:  Grades 7-12; Adults                    Length: 45-50 minutes

Internet Safety:

Discusses safety against online bullies and predators, as well as the serious consequences of sexting. Instruction on safe and proper internet use, including tips, links to safety sites, and videos.
* Parent/Adult version teaches how to discuss important internet safety issues with their children at every age, as well as being aware of their youth’s activity online.

Target audience: Grade 7-12; Adults                            Length: 45-50 minutes; 60-90 minutes

Sexual Assault 101:

Provides definitions and statistics of sexual assault and rape. Discusses myths and facts, rape culture, as well as common reactions and options for sexual assault survivors.
* Also offer presentation with information on how to handle disclosures of sexual assault.

Target Audience: College Students and Adults                Length: 60-90 minutes

Sexual Harassment (In Schools):

Defines forms and explains consequences of sexual harassment, including sexting. Discusses the differences between flirting vs. sexual harassment and steps to report and stop sexual harassment.

Target Audience:  Grades 7-12                         Length: 45-50 minutes

Sexual Harassment (In the Workplace):

Handouts and videos inform and demonstrate examples of sexual harassment. Sexual Harassment laws and policies are discussed and samples identified.
* Satisfies AB1825 requirements.

Target Audience: General employees, managers and supervisors        Length: 90 minutes


Combination of discussion and activity format. Participants will be introduced to the basic principles of self-defense, and learn and practice strikes, releases, and kicks. Includes awareness and assertiveness exercises in a non-threatening environment.

Target Audience: Girls and women ages 12 and up.                Length: 2-3 hours

Senior Safety:

Focuses on personal safety issues, basic physical techniques are taught to participants, along with awareness and assertiveness exercises.

Target Audience:  Senior citizens                    Length: 60-90 minutes

Don’t see the program you are looking for? Call and speak to our Outreach staff and they will do their best to design a program to meet your specific needs, 909-623-1619, or 626-915-2535.