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Rape Crisis Hotline: (909) 626-HELP(4357) Child Abuse Hotline: (626) 966-4155info@ProjectSister.org

Our History


roject Sister Family Services began as a response to a series of violent assaults against women in the Claremont and Pomona areas. At that time there were no local services to assist survivors of sexual assault in Pomona and East San Gabriel Valley. A small group of women responded to this need by beginning a 24-hour hotline out of their homes. In 1972, the vision and compassion of these idealistic young people and those who helped them resulted in the beginning of a non-profit organization they named Project SISTER (an acronym for Sisters in Service To End Rape). Since then, Project Sister Family Services has grown to annually serve more than 45,000 women, children, and men with services that reflect its mission.

PSFS’ services include a 24-hour hotline; advocacy and accompaniment to local hospitals, law enforcement interviews and legal proceedings; individual and group counseling; school-based prevention education programs for middle, high school and college students that focus on sexual assault; child abuse prevention training for parents, teachers and other social service providers; community education; self-defense classes; an early intervention anti-violence program for pregnant and parenting teens and adults of infant and toddler children; and special programs for high risk youth. Your contribution to Project Sister Family Services supports these endeavors.