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Rape Crisis Hotline: (909) 626-HELP(4357) Child Abuse Hotline: (626) 966-4155info@ProjectSister.org


What type of services do you provide?

PSFS provides crisis intervention and community outreach services pertaining to sexual violence. These services are offered to victims and their non-offending family members, schools, churches, community organizations and much more. Please see more details about our Crisis Intervention and Community Outreach programs on our Services page.

Do you charge for therapy sessions?

No, we do not charge a fee for therapy sessions.

How do I schedule someone to come out and speak at my school or community group?

Call Project Sister Family Services at (909) 623-1619 and ask to speak to the Outreach Services Department to schedule a presentation.

What kind of volunteer opportunities do you offer?

PSFS offers many volunteer opportunies. You can volunteer on our 24-hour hotline, help on various board committees, or become a Board Member. For more detailed information, please visit our Get Involved page.

Do you accept clothing donations?

PSFS does not have a shelter, therefore we do not accept used clothing. New sweatsuits are always needed for our hospital accompaniment kits. For more information on this, please contact our Hotline/SART Department at (909) 623-1619.